Wedding Reception Design : The Practical Guide For Inviting Guest

Every one who is getting marry will be very excited, as they are having the great life. It is the most important part of one’s life that it is the time to have their own family. However, as we all know that wedding reception is also very important for the couple, because it is only the time that couple has a chance to say thank you or some words to friends, relatives, parents, colleagues and so on. It is also the occasion that they will get the best wish from their friends and colleagues for happy marriage.

According to this reason, wedding reception becomes very important. As it is the place and occasion that couple has opportunity to welcome guests who comes to congratulate to them. Therefore, it is very important to make impressive reception for all of those guests.

In general, wedding reception cost a lot of money because there will be hundreds of guest to come to congratulate to the couple and the venue is definitely have to be comfortable and big enough to welcome certain number of guest who will come to the reception. If the couple is planning to organize wedding reception in the hotel, the venue have to be book perhaps one to two months in advance because if they leave the venue unbooked until the last minute, it is greater chance of losing the venue. Also venue booking is the first thing that they have to do immediately when they know the number of guest who will come and availability of budget and it would be more difficult if they want to organize the wedding reception on weekends as there might be other looking for the venue too.

In general practice, many couples love to organize in the big and luxurious hotel. This is because the hotel services cover all area that the reception needs such as catering, entertainment, stage, light and sound and so on. So it is like one stop shop for couple to organize the event. Apart from that, some luxurious provide private zone for client who want to organize the event private by invite only some people in the family to the reception.

When you get the idea where you will organize the reception, then the couple has to decide how many guests that they are going to invite. This stage is very important because has direct impact to the budget that they have. Sometimes it is really hard to make decision because when they have vary little budget but there are so many people to be invited and they think that they are all very important. Now it is the time for them that they have to make decision. The only suggestion here is they have to choose any one in the family should get the first priority and all other people that both of you are respect and some of important colleagues such as big boos of the company respectively. However, if the budget is not enough for many group of people as mentioned, so only members of the family must be included first.

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