Wedding Invitation Trends For The New Year

Wedding invitation trends are always very interesting to think about because they reflect several different fashion trends in other aspects of weddings such as bridal wear, wedding venues, and the preference of traditional or contemporary weddings. As the New Year begins, there are many new and different themes that are coming into focus. Also, there are several exciting wedding invitation trends that you might want to take part in. Remember, if you are able to use brand new trends in wedding invitation designs, you will find that your wedding invite is even more hip and exciting than you thought it could be.

Incorporating the Seasons

First of all, many people are really trying to incorporate the seasons into their wedding invitation design. In the past this concept has not been overly popular. Other than for some fall weddings which would incorporate reds and oranges in their color schemes. However, this practice is now becoming more and more popular because many people are relying on the season in which their wedding takes place to really give them a good start for the theme of their entire celebration. When this happens, more people put the season into their invites to begin with.

The typical fall colors are still used, and when a wedding takes place in the fall, it is not uncommon to use the reds, oranges, and yellows as they might be used in the wedding design, in the invite as well. Other seasons are also being used. When a winter wedding is being planned, the invites are often done with whites, blues and purples, and often with designs like snowflakes and ice crystals, all design elements that really speak to the season. When a wedding takes place in the spring, pale colors and flowers are used in the invitation, and for a summer wedding, there are often beach scenes, sandy colors, or bright colors that are used. This reflection of the season is often something that is done on the invitations, as well as something that is done with the theme of the wedding.

Straight Lines and Borders

When colors are simply used in wedding invitations, one style that is becoming trendier is that of straight lines and thick borders. These are being seen even more in wedding invitations than they used to be. This is a style and an idea that many brides and grooms are incorporating. This goes along with the idea of structure and form that is very popular in design today, leaving behind the frilly and flowery type of designs of the past.

Bright Colors

Bright colors are another type of trend that is increasingly seen in wedding invitations. In the past, muted and dark colors were seen because all weddings were seen as very formal events, rather than the fun, exciting affairs they have become. However, with bright colors and exciting designs, wedding invitations can give a casual lift to any type of wedding. If you want to have a great wedding, but you do not want it to be as somber and formal as, let’s say, your mother’s wedding, then you should think about using bright colors in your invitations.

Unique Fonts

Another trend that is being seen with wedding invitations is unique fonts. In the past, most of the invites were done with script type writing, to mirror beautiful hand written invitations of the past. However, sometimes this writing can look archaic, even if it looks beautiful. These fonts are usually best suited for the traditional wedding invitations. Many couples are using unique fonts, even printed fonts that are not cursive and are not flowing. A big trend in fonts is not using capital letters, but having everything written in lower case instead. Another trend is to use round and thick fonts instead of flowing fonts. All of these images of fonts serve to help a couple make their invitations into a clear indication of what their wedding is going to be. The font of your wedding invitations will once again give the feel of a laid back gathering, or a formal event.

Re-wording Ideas

Another trend that you might want to think about when it comes to your wedding invitations is going to be rewording the classic ideas that you have probably heard one-hundred times before about weddings. Many people are playing with the formality of the words that are used in the wedding invitation. Sometimes the words are made more formal to fit the wedding, and sometimes they are made very informal, also to fit the needs of the bride and groom and of the wedding as a whole. You might want to think about the ways that you can do this with your own wedding invitations. If the wedding is going to take place on the beaches of Jamaica, there is a good chance you would not be using the same words you would be using if the wedding was in the ballroom in the nicest hotel in the city. The invitation should reflect the event.

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