Main Wedding Dress Style

Editor’s note: Wedding Design can be divided into minimalism (Simple), romantic (Romantic), gorgeous to send (Elegant) and the elegant Pine (Classic) four major categories. We have mainly centered on the selection of wedding parties to choose their own dress designs.

Wedding Dress Design four major categories

Minimalism: Minimalism lines can often express a wearer’s character, how to use simple lines to emphasize their strengths, is the minimalism of a university asked. Exquisite tailoring and high-grade fabric is minimalism excels, it can reflect a very good grade and quality wedding makes the bride stand out in the crowd for the independent character of the bride.

Romanticism: Argument When it comes to marriage we immediately think of “romantic” word, how to create the wedding on the natural and romantic style?

Openwork lace, embroidered with small Floral transparent fold, multi-level loose skirt, drag a long veil … is the perfect embodiment of the romantic style of wedding, the bride for a strong cultural atmosphere.

Gorgeous school: undeniable, ornate style always some bright spots, but I would also like to highlight the present magnificent noble, so pay attention to is the magnificent style with the basic principles. Complicated hand-stitched skirt with layers Diego’s dream, which the French palace-style wedding, the bride can be gorgeous good family atmosphere well confirmed.

Classic Pine: This is the most popular bride dress, as long as the beam on the high hair, coupled with plain old wedding classic excellent raw materials such as lace, embroidery, beading, coupled with the classical long veil, are You can reveal the most perfect bride, the most elegant and feminine.

Wedding style

Princess wedding in style can be divided into type skirt type, close type, and Queen-type four categories.

Princess-type wedding dress and multi-storey main Puff yarn has the design, so that the bride looked lovely yet still small woman behaved;

Skirt type dress features fit the upper body, tighten the waist and full skirt. Just at the waist waist can also be slightly lower, or even placed close to the hip position. This style of wedding is equipped with a skirt shaped;

Wedding Dress Design

Personal type wedding is simple, according to the narrow-body curve placed close together cut body design is minimalist, do not slip. Most of ptosis with a wonderful sense of fabric. Personal type can be said that all the wedding wedding styles, the most prominent figure and the United States and the most modern cutting style. Released at the knee or slightly fish-tail skirt wedding dress is Cikuan the most common mint;

Queen-type wedding: wedding Cikuan high waistline is the most obvious characteristic. Close fit in the chest, skirt was micro A shape, full of lines of shoulders and chest, waist and buttocks on the cover also has a good effect.

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