Custom Wedding Invitations Vs. Cheap Wedding Invitations

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and as most people do, you want yours to be as special as it can be. You’ve got ideas for everything — the flowers, your dress, the tuxedos, the location, and even the budding guest list. Just like everything else on your wedding day to-do list, there are a couple of ways to go about picking out your wedding invitations– the cheap way, and the more expensive way that lines up with how you really want your wedding to turn out. Now, as most of us do not have unending amounts of cash lying around, you’ll likely have to make some compromises, but when it comes to your wedding’s invitations, which way should you go?

Cheap wedding invitations

Cheap, store-bought invitations are a godsend for those who aren’t too picky about their wedding, or those who think that the invitations themselves do not play a significant role in the wedding day itself. Even though most wedding invitations, such as those sold in bulk at your favorite department store or supermarket, can be made unique through the words you write, they still lack a certain flair that simply will not suit most women on their wedding day.

One positive note about low-cost wedding invitations is that they typically come in a wide-assortment of general colors, so unless your wedding’s color theme is out-of-the-norm, there’s a good chance that you can match these types of invitations to your wedding’s theme fairly well.

Custom wedding invitations

Custom wedding invitations are better suited for those who want every aspect of their wedding day to be special, and know that a wedding invitation can be a wonderful keepsake for friends and family members for years to come. Now, just because you want a unique wedding invitation to share with your loved ones to announce your wedding day does not mean that you have to spend a large fortune to acquire these unique gifts.

Custom wedding invitations are available in two general forms — those you create yourself through stamps, stencils, and a significant portion of time, and those that you order from a wedding invitation designer. Both of these types of invitations allow you to create an exact match to your wedding’s theme, rather than just a general color match offered by cheaper invitations. However, hand-designed invitations that you produce on your own can take a long time to create, and handcrafted wedding invitations from a design company are costlier than generic invitations, so they each have their downsides as well.

The type of wedding invitation that you choose really depends on your tastes, your available time, and your budget. However, since your wedding day only comes around once in your lifetime, and because of the memorable keepsakes that unique wedding invitations offer, if you can — try to give your family and closest friends an invitation that matches your day in all its splendor.

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