Build Your Own Wedding Ring The Guide To Custom Wedding Rings

So you have decided to get married. It is a big step for a couple to decide they finally want to spend their life together. On of the first things that you will want to start thinking about is your wedding ring. A very unique and special way to come up with a unique ring is to build your own wedding ring. By this we do not mean some simple homemade do it yourself ring. Rather we mean a real beautiful and unique wedding ring that you work with a jeweler to design and build. The steps below will help you think about the process of building your own wedding ring and custom wedding rings in general.

Building your own wedding ring is a wonderful experience and one which you will cherish forever. There are many benefits to custom made rings. A few of them include the following. They are unique and individual and you know that no one else will have a ring just like your! Secondly a custom designed ring can easily be personalized and the design can incorporate the couple’s likes and desires. Lastly, by building your own ring with a design you will save a significant amount of money. Because a custom made design does not include have some brand name famous designer behind it inflating the value. So you will save big, have a unique and personalized product. What more can you ask for. Along with all of the above benefits designing a ring as a couple can provide a lifetime of memories.

Things to think about
There are certain things that you will want to consider before even talking to a designer. It is best to have a rough sketch and some ideas at least in your head if not on paper to work from. This will ensure that the designer keeps with your ideas and does not push their own personal or artistic sensibilities onto the ring. This is not to say you should to listen to them at all but you should plan first and then seek input from the wedding ring designer.

Pick a Designer
The first and most important step building your own wedding ring is to choose a designer. You will want to go to a few different stores and ask to see some sample of their work. This should show you what they are capable of technically. During the interview you will also want to get a feel for the person and see if you can work with them. Designing your own wedding ring can be difficult and tedious and you want a designer that is willing to stick it out with you and work with your ideas in designing the ring.

Choose the Metals
Next you should start to think about the metals that you will want to use for the ring. There are a variety of choices and the decision should be based on personal preference and budget.
White Gold

The high up on the above list you go the more expensive the ring will be.

Choose a Theme
Next you will want to start looking at some design themes and come up with some ways to represent the theme in a ring. For our wedding ring for example we wanted something that was like the ocean which we both felt a spiritual connection to and we wanted something that had two separate pieces coming together to represent the two of us coming together. Think in the abstract first and then narrow the ideas down to the reality of what is possible.

Choose a stone
Next you will want to think about the stone or diamond that you want in the ring. There are many different cuts and sizes of diamonds and it is important to incorporate them into the design in the early stages before it is too late and the ring has been made and will not fit what you want.

Choose any extras
There are a lot of extras that can be added to the ring and carefully consideration should be taken at the end to decide on these factors. For example white gold and gold can have a brushed texture to them or a shiny polished surface. You can add some smaller stones in to carry a design theme also. Another thing to think about is if you wan the engagement ring to somehow integrate with the wedding band or not.

Building your own wedding ring can be a wonderful experience and the memories will last a life time. You will be looking at the ring on a daily basis and it is also the proclamation of your marriage to the world why not go the extra mile and make it really special and unique.

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Main Wedding Dress Style

Editor’s note: Wedding Design can be divided into minimalism (Simple), romantic (Romantic), gorgeous to send (Elegant) and the elegant Pine (Classic) four major categories. We have mainly centered on the selection of wedding parties to choose their own dress designs.

Wedding Dress Design four major categories

Minimalism: Minimalism lines can often express a wearer’s character, how to use simple lines to emphasize their strengths, is the minimalism of a university asked. Exquisite tailoring and high-grade fabric is minimalism excels, it can reflect a very good grade and quality wedding makes the bride stand out in the crowd for the independent character of the bride.

Romanticism: Argument When it comes to marriage we immediately think of “romantic” word, how to create the wedding on the natural and romantic style?

Openwork lace, embroidered with small Floral transparent fold, multi-level loose skirt, drag a long veil … is the perfect embodiment of the romantic style of wedding, the bride for a strong cultural atmosphere.

Gorgeous school: undeniable, ornate style always some bright spots, but I would also like to highlight the present magnificent noble, so pay attention to is the magnificent style with the basic principles. Complicated hand-stitched skirt with layers Diego’s dream, which the French palace-style wedding, the bride can be gorgeous good family atmosphere well confirmed.

Classic Pine: This is the most popular bride dress, as long as the beam on the high hair, coupled with plain old wedding classic excellent raw materials such as lace, embroidery, beading, coupled with the classical long veil, are You can reveal the most perfect bride, the most elegant and feminine.

Wedding style

Princess wedding in style can be divided into type skirt type, close type, and Queen-type four categories.

Princess-type wedding dress and multi-storey main Puff yarn has the design, so that the bride looked lovely yet still small woman behaved;

Skirt type dress features fit the upper body, tighten the waist and full skirt. Just at the waist waist can also be slightly lower, or even placed close to the hip position. This style of wedding is equipped with a skirt shaped;

Wedding Dress Design

Personal type wedding is simple, according to the narrow-body curve placed close together cut body design is minimalist, do not slip. Most of ptosis with a wonderful sense of fabric. Personal type can be said that all the wedding wedding styles, the most prominent figure and the United States and the most modern cutting style. Released at the knee or slightly fish-tail skirt wedding dress is Cikuan the most common mint;

Queen-type wedding: wedding Cikuan high waistline is the most obvious characteristic. Close fit in the chest, skirt was micro A shape, full of lines of shoulders and chest, waist and buttocks on the cover also has a good effect.

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Tips For Hiring The Best Wedding Day Photographer

Millions of women spend their youth dreaming about their wedding day. Because of the significance of this special day, hiring a highly skilled and trustworthy wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions of the wedding planning process. It ranks right after finding the perfect wedding planner. Lets explore a few things to keep in mind when selecting the right wedding photographer to archive the memories from your special day.

Ask for a Referral! What better way to put your mind at ease than hiring someone who comes highly recommended from a trusted source? In addition to polling your family and friends for great wedding resources, you will want to leverage the power of the Internet and do some online research.

Online research is actually a lot of fun. This is your opportunity to explore all of the beautiful wedding photos on the websites of wedding photographers and event planners. Visit our blog at to get started! Your online exploration will not only inspire ideas and lead you to the right photographer, it can jump start your search for just the right color scheme, venue, flowers, table centerpieces, etc.

Once you have identified several potential wedding photographers, its time to take things up a few notches and start the interview process. You want to prepare for this step, so have a list of questions ready and pay attention to your gut feelings.

During and after interviewing your photographer, ask yourself three key questions: Does this person seem passionate about photography? Is he/she excited about helping to make your wedding day dream a reality or does he/she appear to be focused only on the bottom-line payment? Does the photographer ask questions and take time to get to know you and your partner? If you answer no to even one of these questions, move on. If you have not done so already, now is the time to bring your groom into the photographer selection process.

Another key step in the creative process of choosing the best wedding photographer is to review the photographers portfolio. Does the their work literally take your breath away? It should! Your wedding day photos create the foundation for lasting memories of your special day.

When it comes to photos, know what inspires you. Are you in-love with the antique feel sepia brings to a photo or is a more traditional color scheme your style? Would you prefer an album of mostly formal poses or a more journalistic style? It is important to understand the photographers signature style so you are sure to get the wedding photos of your dreams.

If the photographers portfolio lacks the elements you are looking for in your wedding album, move on to the next candidate. Visuals speak louder than words.

Once you have covered the creative aspect of finding your perfect wedding day photographer, its time to tackle the more technical side of hiring the best photographer: negotiating prices, calling references and entering into a contract.

Talk to the photographer about services and pricing. Does he or she only offer set photography packages or will they create a custom program to fit your wedding day needs. While you do not want to bargain hunt when shopping for a wedding photographer, you certainly dont want to sacrifice other important parts of your day to cover your wedding photography bill. So, be smart when developing your photography budget and make sure you factor in the cost for reprints, wedding albums and wedding videos.

Whew!! Planning a wedding is not for the faint of heart, but we are almost there. You have almost covered all bases except asking for references. Now it is time to really dig deep to make sure all of the great things the photographer is promising will be delivered. I suggest asking for at least three references and most importantly … call them!

If you have reached this point in the process, your photographer has passed the test and now it is time to get everything in writing.

As we are at this final part of the wedding photographer selection process, I would be remiss if I failed to mention that its important for you to know who will be taking your wedding day photos. You would be surprised to know how many brides go through the entire process of researching, interviewing and hiring a wedding photographer only to arrive at their wedding day and have the photographers assistant show up. Get a written contract and know whats in it. DO NOT sign a contract in which the photographer reserves the right to send any staff photographer to your wedding.

Everything discussed and agreed upon between you and the photographer should be in writing, including the name of the photographer, wedding and reception venue, start and wrap time for photographer, if he/she will have an assistant (and that persons name), package price, overtime rate, etc.

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Wedding Invitation Trends For The New Year

Wedding invitation trends are always very interesting to think about because they reflect several different fashion trends in other aspects of weddings such as bridal wear, wedding venues, and the preference of traditional or contemporary weddings. As the New Year begins, there are many new and different themes that are coming into focus. Also, there are several exciting wedding invitation trends that you might want to take part in. Remember, if you are able to use brand new trends in wedding invitation designs, you will find that your wedding invite is even more hip and exciting than you thought it could be.

Incorporating the Seasons

First of all, many people are really trying to incorporate the seasons into their wedding invitation design. In the past this concept has not been overly popular. Other than for some fall weddings which would incorporate reds and oranges in their color schemes. However, this practice is now becoming more and more popular because many people are relying on the season in which their wedding takes place to really give them a good start for the theme of their entire celebration. When this happens, more people put the season into their invites to begin with.

The typical fall colors are still used, and when a wedding takes place in the fall, it is not uncommon to use the reds, oranges, and yellows as they might be used in the wedding design, in the invite as well. Other seasons are also being used. When a winter wedding is being planned, the invites are often done with whites, blues and purples, and often with designs like snowflakes and ice crystals, all design elements that really speak to the season. When a wedding takes place in the spring, pale colors and flowers are used in the invitation, and for a summer wedding, there are often beach scenes, sandy colors, or bright colors that are used. This reflection of the season is often something that is done on the invitations, as well as something that is done with the theme of the wedding.

Straight Lines and Borders

When colors are simply used in wedding invitations, one style that is becoming trendier is that of straight lines and thick borders. These are being seen even more in wedding invitations than they used to be. This is a style and an idea that many brides and grooms are incorporating. This goes along with the idea of structure and form that is very popular in design today, leaving behind the frilly and flowery type of designs of the past.

Bright Colors

Bright colors are another type of trend that is increasingly seen in wedding invitations. In the past, muted and dark colors were seen because all weddings were seen as very formal events, rather than the fun, exciting affairs they have become. However, with bright colors and exciting designs, wedding invitations can give a casual lift to any type of wedding. If you want to have a great wedding, but you do not want it to be as somber and formal as, let’s say, your mother’s wedding, then you should think about using bright colors in your invitations.

Unique Fonts

Another trend that is being seen with wedding invitations is unique fonts. In the past, most of the invites were done with script type writing, to mirror beautiful hand written invitations of the past. However, sometimes this writing can look archaic, even if it looks beautiful. These fonts are usually best suited for the traditional wedding invitations. Many couples are using unique fonts, even printed fonts that are not cursive and are not flowing. A big trend in fonts is not using capital letters, but having everything written in lower case instead. Another trend is to use round and thick fonts instead of flowing fonts. All of these images of fonts serve to help a couple make their invitations into a clear indication of what their wedding is going to be. The font of your wedding invitations will once again give the feel of a laid back gathering, or a formal event.

Re-wording Ideas

Another trend that you might want to think about when it comes to your wedding invitations is going to be rewording the classic ideas that you have probably heard one-hundred times before about weddings. Many people are playing with the formality of the words that are used in the wedding invitation. Sometimes the words are made more formal to fit the wedding, and sometimes they are made very informal, also to fit the needs of the bride and groom and of the wedding as a whole. You might want to think about the ways that you can do this with your own wedding invitations. If the wedding is going to take place on the beaches of Jamaica, there is a good chance you would not be using the same words you would be using if the wedding was in the ballroom in the nicest hotel in the city. The invitation should reflect the event.

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Custom Wedding Invitations Vs. Cheap Wedding Invitations

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and as most people do, you want yours to be as special as it can be. You’ve got ideas for everything — the flowers, your dress, the tuxedos, the location, and even the budding guest list. Just like everything else on your wedding day to-do list, there are a couple of ways to go about picking out your wedding invitations– the cheap way, and the more expensive way that lines up with how you really want your wedding to turn out. Now, as most of us do not have unending amounts of cash lying around, you’ll likely have to make some compromises, but when it comes to your wedding’s invitations, which way should you go?

Cheap wedding invitations

Cheap, store-bought invitations are a godsend for those who aren’t too picky about their wedding, or those who think that the invitations themselves do not play a significant role in the wedding day itself. Even though most wedding invitations, such as those sold in bulk at your favorite department store or supermarket, can be made unique through the words you write, they still lack a certain flair that simply will not suit most women on their wedding day.

One positive note about low-cost wedding invitations is that they typically come in a wide-assortment of general colors, so unless your wedding’s color theme is out-of-the-norm, there’s a good chance that you can match these types of invitations to your wedding’s theme fairly well.

Custom wedding invitations

Custom wedding invitations are better suited for those who want every aspect of their wedding day to be special, and know that a wedding invitation can be a wonderful keepsake for friends and family members for years to come. Now, just because you want a unique wedding invitation to share with your loved ones to announce your wedding day does not mean that you have to spend a large fortune to acquire these unique gifts.

Custom wedding invitations are available in two general forms — those you create yourself through stamps, stencils, and a significant portion of time, and those that you order from a wedding invitation designer. Both of these types of invitations allow you to create an exact match to your wedding’s theme, rather than just a general color match offered by cheaper invitations. However, hand-designed invitations that you produce on your own can take a long time to create, and handcrafted wedding invitations from a design company are costlier than generic invitations, so they each have their downsides as well.

The type of wedding invitation that you choose really depends on your tastes, your available time, and your budget. However, since your wedding day only comes around once in your lifetime, and because of the memorable keepsakes that unique wedding invitations offer, if you can — try to give your family and closest friends an invitation that matches your day in all its splendor.

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